Station Information

Format: Timeless Favorites 
DMA:  Cleveland
, Ohio
1640 Cleveland Rd Sandusky, Ohio 44870
419-625-1010 Bus. 419-625-1348 Fax

Why listeners love 1450am WLEC!
1450am WLEC is Erie Counties #1 choice for news, breaking news, weather, severe weather, local sports, school closings, community information, special events, and Timeless Favorites for over 60 years a broadcast tradition in North Central Ohio.

1450am WLEC carries area high basketball and football, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Ohio State football and basketball, The NFL and more. When it has to do with sports you’ll hear it on WLEC.

1450am WLEC features include: Business and Agriculture reports, Healthwatch, Business News and Stock Market information, Community Focus, North Coast Journal, Ohio Sportsman, and religious broadcasts on Sunday morning.

Two Sandusky area radio legends start your day.  Listen to Mark Fogg on the WLEC Morning Show, with Steve Shoffner handling news, from 6-10am weekday mornings.

Target Audience
1450am WLEC appeals to a lucrative 35-64 listener with college age or grown children. These listeners with disposable income are likely to spend money on big-ticket items such as vacations cruises, luxury vehicles, homes or condos, home furnishings and toys. Remember, these listeners are the last of the Baby Boomers who are living longer and have more and spend more than any other generation before them. This audience includes many of the North Coasts movers and shakers.

Core Artists
1450am WLEC Musical artists include: Neil Diamond, Ray Charles, Carpenters, Elvis, John Denver, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Barry Manilow, Carole King, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Rogers, Bee Gees, Johnny Mathis, Rick Nelson, Anne Murray and many more of your all time, Timeless Favorites!